Mid-week Update: Just sharing some of my stash here…and MINECRAFT.

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Art/Comics/Illustration, Frillion

Hello to all of you awesome possums! Whether you guys are having a break from all the mouse clicking, suffering with sore thumbs due to rapid combo-button pushing, cramming homework (because you totally OD-ed on playing PS3 with your friends last night) or just bored and plain old surfing the net and looking for stuff to re-blog, share, post or whatnot, it’s pleasing to see that gaming appreciation exists even outside the virtual game worlds our lives revolve around in and is seen in art made by human minds and hands.

Playing video and computer games isn’t just about experience points, skills sets and leveling-up, it’s also about the sheer beauty and the amount of imagination game developers put into the games that INSPIRES generations of gamers to create and re-create their virtual experience into something concrete and meaningful not only for them but for others who agree on the thoughts placed into their works of art.  Having ’nuff said, Take the time to browse some of the terrific game-inspired creations that I (FRILLION!) have managed to find or have created myself!


I recently stumbled upon this building block game called Minecraft while sifting through recent Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim updates in their Facebook page. Graphics-wise it had the visuals of a retro 2d pixel game like that of old Mario and Donkey Kong games, and the goal of the game is to build ANYTHING you want as long as your block character has a shelter to hide in at night where monsters come out to hunt. At that point, I didn’t really know what the big deal was about this seemingly ordinary game (dude. More than a million fans in Facebook) until I saw the addiction, patience, passion and AWESOME INSANITY of dedicated (and extremely creative) Minecraft fans.

Here are samples of the awesome “worlds” avid Minecraft gamers built using thousands of bricks with all shapes and sizes! (don’t be shy to click the pictures for their respective links! they’ve got videos that document the painstaking building process.)

“Spirited Away”, Studio Ghibli Animation inspired Minecraft

Final Fantasy inspired Minecraft


Star Trek: The Enterprise Minecraft

But my personal favorite is the creation of the Skyrim Dohvakiim character by AchievementsForLife (youtube screen name) who used 250,000 blocks to create this masterpiece!

At first, I didn’t understand what was going on, but fast forward to 2:11 and you’ll be (as the comments of the youtube videos below states) “Sh*t Bricks”

If you guys are interesting in trying out this creative building block game, check out: http://www.minecraft.net/


Article by Frillion

  1. I bought Minecraft. Loved it. We must build our own world one of these days.

  2. I was in a server that was recreating Middle-Earth based on the Middle-Earth Atlas. Players started in Hobbiton and could cross the Brandywine River and into Bree, where the Prancing Pony was perched on a hill. It was crazy!

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