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Posted: July 3, 2011 in Art/Comics/Illustration, Frillion, Link, Samus

There are just some experiences that only gamers could understand. We get involved (sometimes too much) to the world that we play in, and are affected by the virtual cultures, laws and lingo that exist in those worlds. This post here is to celebrate web artists and their game-inspired comics that expose tidbits and interesting opinions about gaming itself.

Frillion,, RPG fan.

Some of my RPG moments that usually happen to me.

Inspired from an experience. Sometimes I forget to save and bad things happen to the computer when I don’t save, which leads to frustration and anger. (meaning, DAMEET I LOST 20+ HOURS OF GAMING). So good thing I have a sister who likes watching me play computer games to remind me to save (and acts as a peripheral guide to tell me “THERE’S A MONSTER THAAARRR” or “maybe you should check if there’s new armor available”). It’s also nostalgic to remember that I also watched my father when he was playing computer games when I was little…and used to do the same “reminding” thing.

I like playing RPGs because of the storyline involved. I put a lot of thought to the names and the story behind the creation of my virtual character…FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES. My sister and dad complains about how long I go through the intro part ahahha.

Heather Campbell,, Guild Wars/Team Fortress/Warcraft/Half-Life fan.

I’m a long-time Deviant art fan of Makani primarily for her Harry Potter work, but she has mother-loads of game inspired comics which I read also. What makes her stand out is the facial expressions, movement and genius panel-ing of her comics.

Lol. Stupid AI of Warcraft. And the chunky graphics of the characters. I also find the AI from Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion funny, especially when I use my character who is Master in stealth. I’m sneaking RIGHT IN FRONT of them and they still can’t see me until I attack.

Aww! Medic and Heavy Bromance.

Awkward Zombie,, Pokemon fan (mostly).

She’s got her own website to post her fun, awesome Pokemon comics.

I never thought of it that way. Darn Pokemon Nature Hoarders.


The fate of Pokemon Trainers with the creation of Pokemon Musical.

Zac Gorman,, obviously a Nintendo fan.

I follow this awesome guy in a social networking site that I cannot speak/write of (it violates the “rules”), but you’d probably know the site name anyway. Zac Gorman’s web address reveals it. Majority of his posts are Zelda/Link related, but there are also Mario/Luigi, Samus, Starfox posts. He also has his trademark .gif combination to his comics to give it more “life”.









































Article by Frillion


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