Mid-week Update: Tower Defense + Pokémon = Bliss(ey) Get it? Haha!

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Pokéman, Pokemon

Hey Pokéfans!

Seeing Caveman’s earlier post about the original 150 Pokémon made me reminisce about the times gone by, and especially about the first adventure we had within our own little world of our now-extinct Nintendo Gameboys. I thought that the old days would only be a memory, up until one day when I stumbled upon someone’s blog site where he made a very interesting mix of the challenging-yet-addicting Tower Defense Genre with, you guessed it, the Pokémon storyline!

Yeap, you heard that right! For all those people who like flash defense games, and for all you Pokéfans and Pokémon Master Hopefuls, here’s one way to bring back the memories of THE game of the decade (and hopefully for the century), Pokémon Tower Defense!

Lemme share with you guys some of the awesome features of the game!

So the game is made through Flash software, and it requires the latest Flash version available (from what I know). But anyway, the game loads, and the first thing is you see is this Main Menu where you could opt to edit the gameplay and sound effect options, send some feedback to the maker of the game (he replies really fast, I tried.), and this is also the page where you can begin your Pokémon Tower Defense adventure!


The game allows you to save 3 profiles at any given time, and what’s cool about this is that it follows the Gameboy franchise wherein it makes you choose which version you would pick, whether it be Red or Blue! Each version also showcases the same exclusive Pokémon such as Growlithe and Oddish for the Red Version, and Vulpix and Bellsprout for the Blue Version!

Plus! In case you’re wondering if your save file can be played in different computers, the answer is Yes! PTD allows you to save your profiles and all game data online, and it also lets you import them to whatever computer you’re using as long as you have a Flash Player and internet connection!

So when you choose your profile, you then have the choice to begin your story mode, play a challenge, trade with friends, buy items (but you won’t have money yet), go on Mystery Gift to unlock codes and win prizes, and when you finish a particular mission, you get a Pokédex too that shows you which Pokémon you’ve already caught!


Once you click Story Mode, you then have to choose your starter Pokémon: The walking onion, Bulbasaur, the squirting turtle, Squirtle, or the dragon-to-be, Charmander! You’ll then be able to fight, weaken, and catch Pokémon that your Pokémon Towers damage! Take note that you can only catch Pokémon when their health is at the Red bar! But anyway, when you catch enough Pokémon, your PC Storage becomes quite big, as seen in the picture above! (Oh, currently, the maker of the game has set a level cap of 40 because he’s still in the process of creating the following storylines and synchronizing every Pokémon move learned by every Pokémon in each of their particular levels based on the Pokémon Black and White movetree.


The game also showcases a handful of cutscenes before each mission taken, wherein you can see the same Pokémon Sprites and Buildings as seen in the actual Gameboy Game! Now how cool is that??

You also get the chance to see and even battle legendary Pokémon! This stage shows my party of Pokémon battling the massive Kyogre from the Ruby Sapphire Version! Don’t worry, for those who still prefer the Original 150 Pokémon over any other version, this is the only stage (so far) that incorporates any Pokémon past the 151 mark (yeap, 151. Mew’s out there somewhere. Haha!)


The game also has the ever mysterious Mystery Gift!!! Each week, the maker of the game gives out riddles and puzzles for you to unlock certain Pokémon that you can use in the game itself! The riddles get very tricky, but the hassle becomes really worth it when you win Pokémon before other people get to unlock the Mystery Gift challenges! 😉


Yes, evolutions happen just like in the real game! Charmeleon evolves at level 36, Staryu evolves when given a Water Stone, so on and so forth! You can even cancel their evolutions so that they can learn moves sooner! However you also run the risk of not having stronger Pokémon Towers! The choice is yours!


And at the end of the day, after you have it unlocked, you can open your very own Pokédex  to check on which Pokémon you’ve already discovered, whether they be normal or Shiny (YES, they have Shiny Pokémon! Each Shiny has a .01 chance of being spotted in the wild! So get your eyes Pokéballs ready for ’em!)


Pokémon Tower Defense brings back the inner child in me, and shows me that Pokémon is still evolving, not just in the usual consoles, but also in all sorts of gaming media such as Flash!

Do check the game out, and start on your own Pokémon Journey, all over again! Click the link below and let’s catch ’em all over again! 😀




P.S. The game is still in its Alpha stages, so expect it to get even more exciting as the updates come every weekend! Keep your refresh buttons on standby, coz this game’s an upcoming hit in the flash game/tower defense community! 🙂

This is Pokéman, signing off!

  1. Kenn says:

    I want to play this so badly… so so badly. send me a link man!

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