Game Over?

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Pokéman, Pokemon

Once you beat all the gym leaders, once you’ve become the master and caught all of them, once you’ve defeated everyone, what’s next?

Pokémon has always seemed like a game that would never end. There’d always be that other Pokémon in that other version that you haven’t bought yet, or you don’t have a link cable or another Gameboy nearby for you to evolve your Graveller. You’d always be stuck on a particular patch of grass, knocking out the same wild Pokémon that will barely move your level 72 Charizard’s experience bar. But for me, I’m glad that the game tries its best to keep us always moving, always on uneven ground (and inadvertently spending all our cash buying newer versions), because it gives us a sense of something to look forward to, of something we think we want, but have no idea what it is.

All the countless times we’d meet Nurse Joy or any of her 12129831 cousins, we’d always heal our Pokémon whether it be to recover its health or restock its PP so that it can use hyper beam over and over again. It may seem quite repetitive (and hellishly sluggish, especially when you have 6 Pokémon in your party, and Nurse Joy takes forever to place each one in the healing machine, and fancy healing music has to play while your Pokéballs dance on it whilst you wait!) to heal our Pokémon, but we still keep coming back healing them even if we know that they’re bound to get hurt sometime in the future. Curious, isn’t it?

Pokémon is such a simple game, but it shows us more about life than most real-life experiences may provide us:

It shows the uncertainty of life: You wouldn’t know when a critical hit would occur that will end your winning streak to the Pokémon League. Ouch that’s gotta hurt.

It shows real-world vices: All game corners have that addicting slot machine game where you need to align the 3 Pokéballs, Number 7s, or Pikachu faces to win their respective amount of coins to get that Porygon, Eevee, etc. prize. But will you ever reach that at the rate you’re bleeding out coins? Best way is to work your way to the top, defeat the Elite 4, gain money, then just buy what you want with what you earned, rather than squander away with game corner coins you wouldn’t really deserve.

It shows the beauty of hope: The Magikarp, after enough beatings, will dragon rage its way around the world. The Clefairy, after enough metronomes that only do tail whip and focus energy, will finally land that fatal guillotine/horn drill/fissure attack. You’ll finally catch that Chansey lurking around that small patch of grass after 12093103910 hours of walking back and forth.

Pokémon is more than a game that will end. Heck, it never will. Its simple 8-bit Gameboy morals have been more than enough to etch a passion for faith, and for always striving for what’s out there, even if we don’t know what it may be just yet.

Pokémon is a glimpse of life through a miniature screen.

– – – – –


There’s more to Pokémon that meets the regular perception of the closed-minded Pokéfan. Here’s a teaser trailer that I saw about Pokémon when it reaches the Apokélypse!

Keep walking guys. Catch that Shining Pikachu!


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