Posted: August 22, 2011 in Gurugumawaru, Tekken

Growing up with two brothers has exposed me to different kinds of games throughout the years. And though I never became a fan of almost half of the things they do, there was something that has always intrigued me. My brothers’ have a certain addiction. Every time we go to a mall as a family, they will always find a reason to sneak into an arcade. And no, they’re not there to play basketball, DDR or any of the other games there. My brothers and a lot of other people go there for just one reason, Tekken.

Some Background Info

It’s been around 15 years since Namco released this arcade type fighting game. Ever since then, there have been 5 sequels, and the number of characters and the plot has expanded thoroughly. If you watched the movie, you would know that the plot revolves around The King of the Iron Fist Tournament. This is a fictional tournament that is supposedly hosted by the Mishima Zaibatsu. And when a character is able to win this competition, he/she is given the opportunity to control the company.

If you play Tekken in a gaming console such as the PS3, you have the option of playing the story mode. In the story mode, one will be able to see the character’s reason behind joining the competition, and what would happen if that character were to win everything.

What Makes Tekken Different

These features are things that are very common with other combat games. However the Tekken franchise has a very interesting interactive aspect that is available for both the arcade and console version.  Imitating real life martial arts, the Tekken franchise gives the player an opportunity to prove their skills and raise their ranks.  They begin with the 9 levels of Kyu, 5 levels of Dan then they become Shihan, Expert, Master, Virtuoso, Champion, Legend, Sage, Warlord, Conquerer, Diety and finally if they’ve passed all of these, they can become Tekken Lord. There are two ways to raise your rank. For arcade players, they can purchase a Tekken Card from their local arcade. The card will give them the opportunity to choose a username, purchase a costume for the character that they use, and it will also record data about that person’s gaming stats. By using this card when they challenge other players, they will be given promotion opportunities. The conditions will change depending on your current rank. For people using console, they can improve their ranks by challenging other players online.

So What?

This type of system has given the Tekken series a number of very loyal followers. They have developed their own form of dedication, a certain culture. This is particularly true for the Tekken players who go to arcades. If you search the Internet, you would be able to see recordings of battles of some popular Tekken players that normally come from Japan or Korea. I’ve seen people who hang out in Timezone just to watch other people play. And the players aren’t limited to teenagers and young adults. There are a couple of working class people as well.

It’s interesting when one starts to notice how committed some of these players are. They have platinum membership cards for the arcade. They always seem to be in the arcade either playing the game, or watching from the sidelines. When they lose a game, there are occasions when they take a peek as to who that person is. They talk to other regulars. They battle each other; learn from one another, and ultimately, they form a community. They’re a bunch of regular folk trying to get as close to the exhilaration of martial arts as they possibly can, minus the broken bones.  And hey, what’s so wrong about that?

For more information about Tekken, click the image below!

The Ultimate Tekken Resource

And, a new Tekken movie is coming up!

Hopefully, this one won’t disappoint 🙂

That’s about all from me today, see you guys next time!

❤ Gurugumawaru


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