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Hey guys, Frillion here.

I’ve been blessed with a father who is not just computer literate but an avid gamer. I probably got the virtual obsession by watching him play tons of computer games. He used to pull a chair and placed it beside him for me to watch him play Mechwarrior, Red Alert and a bunch of First Person Shooter games until the late hours of the night. ( I know, not exactly a parent’y thing that my mother used to quarrel with him about my bedtime. I started watching him play games by 7 years old) Among the cool and kid – friendly games, I have watched some pretty scary stuff that traumatized me with nights without sleep, sweat and a very vivid imagination. I want to relive my 7 year old (and even present!) scary game experiences with you guys, and salute the concept art and graphics/animation teams of the games that stole lots of naptimes and sleeping times from me.

Aliens Vs. Predator (1999)

I was 9 years old when experienced watching this game. I also just finished watching all the Alien movies, and my dad plays this game late at night by himself with the lights off. So every time he plays, I collected all the courage I possessed and sat down cringing in my seat. I especially hated it when those stupid Aliens pop out from the dark corners of a game map (as my dad prefers using Marines, he likes guns.). It was less scary when he let me play the game, and I like playing with the Alien character.

Max Payne

Max Payne seems be like a normal Third Person Shooter game with the ex-police vs ban men storyline (well, it was developed by Rockstar Games hence the Gran Theft Auto vibe), but it really isnt. Trust me. I watched all of it with the freaky dream sequences. The game’s story has a noir film vibe to it using sepia and dark colored atmosphere. It centers on a troubled and bordering on delusional main character as he tries to hunt down the murders of his wife and children and solve the drug dealing case. All the dream sequences (plus awesome bullet time) that reveals the internal dialogue of the troubled Max made me neurotic for weeks. SEE THE CRAZINESS YOURSELF. (Fastforward it to 1:48 then to 3:50)

Forbidden Siren 2

I played this PS2 game with a small group of friends after school. It was a 1 player game, so we took turns playing the game. You basically control a girl who has to run around and figure out how to survive from ghosts and zombies (If I remember correctly). I remember the experiences of running, looking for the keys to open the truck door and driving away from the zombies. The scariest thing that happened to me in the game was when the map showed me that there was a ghost near my character. so i pivoted my character around…so we were all “where’s the zombie?” then when i switched to the 3d person view THE ZOMBIE WAS SUCKING THE BACK OF MY CHARACTER’S HEAD. Then we all screamed and turned off the game.

F.E.A.R Franchise

The game title already show the level of scariness contained in the game. Long haired little girls are always scary. The main point of the game is to investigate a supernatural phenomenon inside an equally mysterious facility in some fantasy world. You are a special forces soldier with enhanced reflexes and you basically need to find out why this scary girl is tormenting the base.


There are just some experiences that only gamers could understand. We get involved (sometimes too much) to the world that we play in, and are affected by the virtual cultures, laws and lingo that exist in those worlds. This post here is to celebrate web artists and their game-inspired comics that expose tidbits and interesting opinions about gaming itself.

Frillion,, RPG fan.

Some of my RPG moments that usually happen to me.

Inspired from an experience. Sometimes I forget to save and bad things happen to the computer when I don’t save, which leads to frustration and anger. (meaning, DAMEET I LOST 20+ HOURS OF GAMING). So good thing I have a sister who likes watching me play computer games to remind me to save (and acts as a peripheral guide to tell me “THERE’S A MONSTER THAAARRR” or “maybe you should check if there’s new armor available”). It’s also nostalgic to remember that I also watched my father when he was playing computer games when I was little…and used to do the same “reminding” thing.

I like playing RPGs because of the storyline involved. I put a lot of thought to the names and the story behind the creation of my virtual character…FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES. My sister and dad complains about how long I go through the intro part ahahha.

Heather Campbell,, Guild Wars/Team Fortress/Warcraft/Half-Life fan.

I’m a long-time Deviant art fan of Makani primarily for her Harry Potter work, but she has mother-loads of game inspired comics which I read also. What makes her stand out is the facial expressions, movement and genius panel-ing of her comics.

Lol. Stupid AI of Warcraft. And the chunky graphics of the characters. I also find the AI from Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion funny, especially when I use my character who is Master in stealth. I’m sneaking RIGHT IN FRONT of them and they still can’t see me until I attack.

Aww! Medic and Heavy Bromance.

Awkward Zombie,, Pokemon fan (mostly).

She’s got her own website to post her fun, awesome Pokemon comics.

I never thought of it that way. Darn Pokemon Nature Hoarders.


The fate of Pokemon Trainers with the creation of Pokemon Musical.

Zac Gorman,, obviously a Nintendo fan.

I follow this awesome guy in a social networking site that I cannot speak/write of (it violates the “rules”), but you’d probably know the site name anyway. Zac Gorman’s web address reveals it. Majority of his posts are Zelda/Link related, but there are also Mario/Luigi, Samus, Starfox posts. He also has his trademark .gif combination to his comics to give it more “life”.









































Article by Frillion

Hello to all of you awesome possums! Whether you guys are having a break from all the mouse clicking, suffering with sore thumbs due to rapid combo-button pushing, cramming homework (because you totally OD-ed on playing PS3 with your friends last night) or just bored and plain old surfing the net and looking for stuff to re-blog, share, post or whatnot, it’s pleasing to see that gaming appreciation exists even outside the virtual game worlds our lives revolve around in and is seen in art made by human minds and hands.

Playing video and computer games isn’t just about experience points, skills sets and leveling-up, it’s also about the sheer beauty and the amount of imagination game developers put into the games that INSPIRES generations of gamers to create and re-create their virtual experience into something concrete and meaningful not only for them but for others who agree on the thoughts placed into their works of art.  Having ’nuff said, Take the time to browse some of the terrific game-inspired creations that I (FRILLION!) have managed to find or have created myself!


I recently stumbled upon this building block game called Minecraft while sifting through recent Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim updates in their Facebook page. Graphics-wise it had the visuals of a retro 2d pixel game like that of old Mario and Donkey Kong games, and the goal of the game is to build ANYTHING you want as long as your block character has a shelter to hide in at night where monsters come out to hunt. At that point, I didn’t really know what the big deal was about this seemingly ordinary game (dude. More than a million fans in Facebook) until I saw the addiction, patience, passion and AWESOME INSANITY of dedicated (and extremely creative) Minecraft fans.

Here are samples of the awesome “worlds” avid Minecraft gamers built using thousands of bricks with all shapes and sizes! (don’t be shy to click the pictures for their respective links! they’ve got videos that document the painstaking building process.)

“Spirited Away”, Studio Ghibli Animation inspired Minecraft

Final Fantasy inspired Minecraft


Star Trek: The Enterprise Minecraft

But my personal favorite is the creation of the Skyrim Dohvakiim character by AchievementsForLife (youtube screen name) who used 250,000 blocks to create this masterpiece!

At first, I didn’t understand what was going on, but fast forward to 2:11 and you’ll be (as the comments of the youtube videos below states) “Sh*t Bricks”

If you guys are interesting in trying out this creative building block game, check out:


Article by Frillion