Here’s some Poké-Trivia about the most hated Pokémon in the game, the Magikarp!

Magikarp Cry (taken from

Here’s some Pokédex information about it!

(taken from

Magikarp – Fish Pokémon

Height: 2’11”

Weight: 22.0 lbs

Red/Blue Version: In the distant past, it was somewhat stronger than the horribly weak descendants that exist today.

Ruby Version: Magikarp is a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon that is only capable of flopping and splashing. This behavior prompted scientists to undertake research into it.

Sapphire Version: Magikarp is virtually useless in battle as it can only splash around. As a result, it is considered to be weak. However, it is actually a very hardy Pokémon that can survive in any body of water no matter how polluted it is.

Emerald Version: Its swimming muscles are weak, so it is easily washed away by currents. In places where water pools, you can see many Magikarp deposited there by the flow.

Fire Red Version: It is virtually worthless in terms of both power and speed. It is the most weak and pathetic Pokémon in the world.

Leaf Green Version: In the distant past, it was somewhat stronger than the horribly weak descendants that exist today.

Black/White Version: A Magikarp living for many years can leap a mountain using Splash. The move remains useless, though.

Based on all the Pokédex information, Magikarp is practically useless and is just a waste of Pokémon party space in your gameboys, Pokémon decks, and your memories, too! But I beg to differ!

See, Magikarp is a symbol of delayed gratification! You work your way up, splash and tackle your way when in times of trouble, flail your way when your life’s at stake (or when you have 1 HP left), and go to loyal teammates and friends you rely on when things grow dim! What may be horrible now is only potential waiting to be awaken! Also, Magikarp evolves at level 20, and from there on, it has 80 levels for it to truly shine as bright as it can get. We can never let this lowly Pokémon away from our sight because it is a fish of its word: it is a carp of magic(k).

In real life, we are all like little magikarps swimming along the stream of route 1 to route infinity, just waiting for that right time to splash out of the waters of hopelessness and personal insecurities! We all have that inner strength to hyper beam and dragon rage every personal obstacle in our way! We just need a hell of a lot of patience, and of course, a handful of respect,

Here’s a video about the true meaning of patience, the humble Magikarp. (Video made by



Keep splashing, guys! 🙂


Pokéman, signing off.


Hey Pokéfans!

Seeing Caveman’s earlier post about the original 150 Pokémon made me reminisce about the times gone by, and especially about the first adventure we had within our own little world of our now-extinct Nintendo Gameboys. I thought that the old days would only be a memory, up until one day when I stumbled upon someone’s blog site where he made a very interesting mix of the challenging-yet-addicting Tower Defense Genre with, you guessed it, the Pokémon storyline!

Yeap, you heard that right! For all those people who like flash defense games, and for all you Pokéfans and Pokémon Master Hopefuls, here’s one way to bring back the memories of THE game of the decade (and hopefully for the century), Pokémon Tower Defense!

Lemme share with you guys some of the awesome features of the game!

So the game is made through Flash software, and it requires the latest Flash version available (from what I know). But anyway, the game loads, and the first thing is you see is this Main Menu where you could opt to edit the gameplay and sound effect options, send some feedback to the maker of the game (he replies really fast, I tried.), and this is also the page where you can begin your Pokémon Tower Defense adventure!


The game allows you to save 3 profiles at any given time, and what’s cool about this is that it follows the Gameboy franchise wherein it makes you choose which version you would pick, whether it be Red or Blue! Each version also showcases the same exclusive Pokémon such as Growlithe and Oddish for the Red Version, and Vulpix and Bellsprout for the Blue Version!

Plus! In case you’re wondering if your save file can be played in different computers, the answer is Yes! PTD allows you to save your profiles and all game data online, and it also lets you import them to whatever computer you’re using as long as you have a Flash Player and internet connection!

So when you choose your profile, you then have the choice to begin your story mode, play a challenge, trade with friends, buy items (but you won’t have money yet), go on Mystery Gift to unlock codes and win prizes, and when you finish a particular mission, you get a Pokédex too that shows you which Pokémon you’ve already caught!


Once you click Story Mode, you then have to choose your starter Pokémon: The walking onion, Bulbasaur, the squirting turtle, Squirtle, or the dragon-to-be, Charmander! You’ll then be able to fight, weaken, and catch Pokémon that your Pokémon Towers damage! Take note that you can only catch Pokémon when their health is at the Red bar! But anyway, when you catch enough Pokémon, your PC Storage becomes quite big, as seen in the picture above! (Oh, currently, the maker of the game has set a level cap of 40 because he’s still in the process of creating the following storylines and synchronizing every Pokémon move learned by every Pokémon in each of their particular levels based on the Pokémon Black and White movetree.


The game also showcases a handful of cutscenes before each mission taken, wherein you can see the same Pokémon Sprites and Buildings as seen in the actual Gameboy Game! Now how cool is that??

You also get the chance to see and even battle legendary Pokémon! This stage shows my party of Pokémon battling the massive Kyogre from the Ruby Sapphire Version! Don’t worry, for those who still prefer the Original 150 Pokémon over any other version, this is the only stage (so far) that incorporates any Pokémon past the 151 mark (yeap, 151. Mew’s out there somewhere. Haha!)


The game also has the ever mysterious Mystery Gift!!! Each week, the maker of the game gives out riddles and puzzles for you to unlock certain Pokémon that you can use in the game itself! The riddles get very tricky, but the hassle becomes really worth it when you win Pokémon before other people get to unlock the Mystery Gift challenges! 😉


Yes, evolutions happen just like in the real game! Charmeleon evolves at level 36, Staryu evolves when given a Water Stone, so on and so forth! You can even cancel their evolutions so that they can learn moves sooner! However you also run the risk of not having stronger Pokémon Towers! The choice is yours!


And at the end of the day, after you have it unlocked, you can open your very own Pokédex  to check on which Pokémon you’ve already discovered, whether they be normal or Shiny (YES, they have Shiny Pokémon! Each Shiny has a .01 chance of being spotted in the wild! So get your eyes Pokéballs ready for ’em!)


Pokémon Tower Defense brings back the inner child in me, and shows me that Pokémon is still evolving, not just in the usual consoles, but also in all sorts of gaming media such as Flash!

Do check the game out, and start on your own Pokémon Journey, all over again! Click the link below and let’s catch ’em all over again! 😀


P.S. The game is still in its Alpha stages, so expect it to get even more exciting as the updates come every weekend! Keep your refresh buttons on standby, coz this game’s an upcoming hit in the flash game/tower defense community! 🙂

This is Pokéman, signing off!

There are just some experiences that only gamers could understand. We get involved (sometimes too much) to the world that we play in, and are affected by the virtual cultures, laws and lingo that exist in those worlds. This post here is to celebrate web artists and their game-inspired comics that expose tidbits and interesting opinions about gaming itself.

Frillion,, RPG fan.

Some of my RPG moments that usually happen to me.

Inspired from an experience. Sometimes I forget to save and bad things happen to the computer when I don’t save, which leads to frustration and anger. (meaning, DAMEET I LOST 20+ HOURS OF GAMING). So good thing I have a sister who likes watching me play computer games to remind me to save (and acts as a peripheral guide to tell me “THERE’S A MONSTER THAAARRR” or “maybe you should check if there’s new armor available”). It’s also nostalgic to remember that I also watched my father when he was playing computer games when I was little…and used to do the same “reminding” thing.

I like playing RPGs because of the storyline involved. I put a lot of thought to the names and the story behind the creation of my virtual character…FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES. My sister and dad complains about how long I go through the intro part ahahha.

Heather Campbell,, Guild Wars/Team Fortress/Warcraft/Half-Life fan.

I’m a long-time Deviant art fan of Makani primarily for her Harry Potter work, but she has mother-loads of game inspired comics which I read also. What makes her stand out is the facial expressions, movement and genius panel-ing of her comics.

Lol. Stupid AI of Warcraft. And the chunky graphics of the characters. I also find the AI from Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion funny, especially when I use my character who is Master in stealth. I’m sneaking RIGHT IN FRONT of them and they still can’t see me until I attack.

Aww! Medic and Heavy Bromance.

Awkward Zombie,, Pokemon fan (mostly).

She’s got her own website to post her fun, awesome Pokemon comics.

I never thought of it that way. Darn Pokemon Nature Hoarders.


The fate of Pokemon Trainers with the creation of Pokemon Musical.

Zac Gorman,, obviously a Nintendo fan.

I follow this awesome guy in a social networking site that I cannot speak/write of (it violates the “rules”), but you’d probably know the site name anyway. Zac Gorman’s web address reveals it. Majority of his posts are Zelda/Link related, but there are also Mario/Luigi, Samus, Starfox posts. He also has his trademark .gif combination to his comics to give it more “life”.









































Article by Frillion

Hello to all of you awesome possums! Whether you guys are having a break from all the mouse clicking, suffering with sore thumbs due to rapid combo-button pushing, cramming homework (because you totally OD-ed on playing PS3 with your friends last night) or just bored and plain old surfing the net and looking for stuff to re-blog, share, post or whatnot, it’s pleasing to see that gaming appreciation exists even outside the virtual game worlds our lives revolve around in and is seen in art made by human minds and hands.

Playing video and computer games isn’t just about experience points, skills sets and leveling-up, it’s also about the sheer beauty and the amount of imagination game developers put into the games that INSPIRES generations of gamers to create and re-create their virtual experience into something concrete and meaningful not only for them but for others who agree on the thoughts placed into their works of art.  Having ’nuff said, Take the time to browse some of the terrific game-inspired creations that I (FRILLION!) have managed to find or have created myself!


I recently stumbled upon this building block game called Minecraft while sifting through recent Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim updates in their Facebook page. Graphics-wise it had the visuals of a retro 2d pixel game like that of old Mario and Donkey Kong games, and the goal of the game is to build ANYTHING you want as long as your block character has a shelter to hide in at night where monsters come out to hunt. At that point, I didn’t really know what the big deal was about this seemingly ordinary game (dude. More than a million fans in Facebook) until I saw the addiction, patience, passion and AWESOME INSANITY of dedicated (and extremely creative) Minecraft fans.

Here are samples of the awesome “worlds” avid Minecraft gamers built using thousands of bricks with all shapes and sizes! (don’t be shy to click the pictures for their respective links! they’ve got videos that document the painstaking building process.)

“Spirited Away”, Studio Ghibli Animation inspired Minecraft

Final Fantasy inspired Minecraft


Star Trek: The Enterprise Minecraft

But my personal favorite is the creation of the Skyrim Dohvakiim character by AchievementsForLife (youtube screen name) who used 250,000 blocks to create this masterpiece!

At first, I didn’t understand what was going on, but fast forward to 2:11 and you’ll be (as the comments of the youtube videos below states) “Sh*t Bricks”

If you guys are interesting in trying out this creative building block game, check out:


Article by Frillion

I want to start off by giving a shout out to 90s kids.

See, we had it good. Our TV shows were some of the best, our cartoons were some of the most entertaining, and we were the first generation to really grow up in a digital revolution. Our parents had MTV, we got the Internet. They had new wave; we got boy bands and Britney. Our dads had Pong, we got Tetris. And the list goes on. We had it good.

But what really I have to say made my childhood was Pokémon. Yes Power Rangers was fun and the animès were good (Dragon Ball, Gundam, Recca, Samurai X…you name it), but Pokémon is what I have to say made my childhood awesome. Think about it. If you had a Gameboy back in the day, you were forever playing Super Mario, Tetris or whatever random game on that huge gray block of a gaming device that nowadays would make airport officials think you were carrying a bomb. And those games were good.

But they weren’t Pokémon good.

I actually remember the first time I picked up Pokémon Blue and found out what it was all about. I read this crappily layouted instruction manual that showed told me what the Pokémon world was about and I have to say…I bought into it. The promise of a portable adventure with pixilated creatures with magical attacking powers sounded like too much fun to me. See, we weren’t old enough for D&D or other quest games yet, [maybe not even any of the existing Final Fantasies (do note that this was before FF7)] but this seemed like one of those things that we were up for, that I was up for. So I went around playing the game on my Gameboy for months. I was trying to grab that elusive Pikachu in Viridian Forest, evolve my Charizard, catch them legendary bird, and this post cannot go on without mentioning the use of that conflabbed link cable to battle and trade with friends. It was good while it lasted, and even after defeating the Elite Four, the quest continued. You still had to grab Mewtwo, you still had to complete the set…and that never really got old. I can’t tell you how many times I cloned an Eevee or pwnd my friends with my Charizard, but I can tell you that it never really got much better than that.

Well that is until Pokemon Yellow came out.

By that time, the animè was a big deal. The movies were a big deal. The cards, the mini figurines, the piles and piles of Poké junk that accumulated because we couldn’t get enough had all become a huge deal. We all wanted to be Ash Ketchum, and Pokemon Yellow gave us that chance. We started with a Pikachu that wasn’t annoyingly difficult to catch, the same way Ash did. It gave us a more structured story and actually made us feel like we were living his adventure, which is what most of us wanted to begin with. We got the chance to pick up the three starters and in the end have Charizard and Blastoise on our final line up for the Elite Four (if we worked hard enough to evolve them). And if you did things right, you could pick up all the old Pokemon from your safely kept Blue or Red version saves and just destroy all your friends without even trying. All was right in the world.

But the hype died down for me after that. I stopped caring so much about the new ones. Yeah I played Gold and Silver, but they couldn’t match the fun. There was too much going on by the time they came out with the day and night functions, not to mention a hundred new Pokemon. I mean…sure it was fun, but it was different. These new guys couldn’t match up to the ones I knew and relied on. Typhlosion could never match Charizard, ever. Hondooom (though bad ass) was no Arcanine. Even the gym leaders seemed to be bigger wusses than the original ones! And that is where I began to fall out of touch with the franchise. I skipped out on Gen III and all of the subsequent new batches because they just never felt the same. I refuse to even touch the much ballyhooed Black and White versions, no matter how highly acclaimed they are. Although, I did however play the remakes of Fire Red and Soul Silver for kicks, and found myself quite satisfied.

The problem lies in the fact that Nintendo/The Pokemon Group decided to evolve. You can’t blame them. It’s what everyone does, be they a Metapod or a business franchise. They needed more characters, more creatures to make themselves look like they were progressing. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The only problem was that decline in quality. The thing is, for me, I’ve never felt the need for the other four hundred plus (or whatever number we’re on now) that came after the originals. They didn’t make sense. A lot of them were just redone versions of existing Pokemon, most of which were horribly designed and looked so much more ridiculous. I don’t care about another normal/bird type that looks like a rehashed Pidgey. Give me a Pidgey, I’ll make it work! But the creators/game designers changed the look, gave it new moves that do the exact same thing Pidgey does, and changed the name. Us older players know that. We can see that there’s been major rehashing lately, or really lousy character design, all of which was built for a new generation of Poké kids…not kids who actually know what a Cubone looks like. I may sound old when I say this, but we older fans deserve better. We built this baby and should get more creatures that are simply unique and amazing. There wasn’t enough of that as of late, just because these kids with cash are gonna get what they want. AND BESIDES, the reason any of these kids with their 3DSs enjoy what they have now is because kids like us played these games like we were gonna rule the world.

Pokemon changed and there is nothing I can do about that. But every now and then I find myself going back to that game (be it on an illegally cracked version for my DS or some emulator I downloaded). It’s still as good, and  still brings a smile to my face every time I get that Charmeleon to evolve. It all really boils down to what individuals like, and love. I find that my heart belongs to those first few freaks of nature that made me realize how good this pop culture phenomenon was.

Nothing beats the originals. Nothing can ever beat the originals.*

*Save for maybe those legendary freaks of nature that you can get from Nintendo events.  They are just f-ing scary.


Article by: The Caveman

Artwork by: Frillion

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