The Writers


Kit Ang

Pokemon is his life and soul! He’ll be giving you guys in-depth analysis on the gaming strategies, business philosophy and capitalism theory through the hit gaming franchises.





Camille Chua

Having a deep love for Role Playing, Real Time Strategy and Third Person Centric Games, She’ll be giving personal opinions, experiences, quirks and pet peeves about the virtual world. She also has a knack of coming up or finding  interesting art stuff that populate the site.





Katrina Gonzales

The navigator of this gaming bunch, she’s like a map for people who are still finding their way in the vast world of video games! She’s not a hardcore gamer, but is very much exposed and tried considerable amount of games. She won’t be giving in-depth game analyses, but will be featuring tips, tricks and back stories for for new gamers.




The Caveman

Rafael Camus

Though it may seem like he is the least literate of the group, but you are gravely mistaken. Don’t let the name fool you, he knows s**t loads. He’ll be talking about anything and everything because he just really does not care about what he talks about. He has a club and can break your face in any time. But he will talk about a lot of things, but mostly his personal take on issues related to games, gamers, and that kind of s**t. Trust us, he is gonna be a lot of fun.

Warning: He likes profanity and will forget to censor himself at times. BUT REALLY, IT IS DONKEY KONG BARRELS OF FUN…WITH BANANAS.


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