What’s this all about?!


Let’s face it. Every guy and girl has a geeky gamer side lurking deep within the crevices of their psyche.

Farmville gamers, Hardcore “I build my own PC and I pwn you” gamers, Hipster gamers that only play from unknown independent game developers, Genre – specific gamers, Retro “Pacman Tetris” gamer, Motion Sensor gamer, Movie-to-Game gamer… all of us bear the guilt of indulging in sweet, sinful video and computer games. Thankfully, there is a blog that understand the urge, and that feeling of scouring endless gaming websites that leave you disappointed and wanting for more with their mass-produced content.

It’s Super Effective! will have NONE of that. We provide awesome video and computer gaming updates, information and passion with each writer’s personal take of beloved, treasured (and sometimes hated) games. There will be emoticons, featured merchandise, personal illustrations, photomanipulations and written content oozing with personality about a wide variety of games that we’re into.

So what are you waiting for? Give in to YOUR gaming urge. Indulge through It’s Super Effective, where video and computer games get personal.


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